Verifiable Computing

Powered by zero-knowledge proofs.

A scientific effort attempting to prove every computation.

Engineering & Research

Daniel Marin


B.S. in CS @ Stanford
2x IPhO Medallist

Jens Groth

Chief Scientist

Professor of Cryptography @ UCL, London
Inventor of pairing-based zkSNARKs
Prev. Director of Research @ DFINITY

Paul Govereau

Senior Cryptography Engineer

Ph.D. in CS @ Harvard
B.S. in Physics @ MIT
Prev. Microsoft, Oracle, Cooper River

Daniel Dore

Cryptography Engineer

Ph.D. in Math / Cryptography @ Stanford
B.S. in Math @ Princeton
Prev. Cryptographer @ MobileCoin

Kristian Sosnin

Cryptography Engineer

B.S. in Math @ Moscow
Prev. Rust Engineer @ zkSync & Parity

Yinuo Zhang


Ph.D. in Cryptography @ Berkeley
5+ papers in Zero-Knowledge Proofs
Prev. zkVM Research Intern @ a16z Crypto.

Geoff Ramseyer

Research Scientist

Ph.D. in CS @ Stanford
B.S. in Math @ UChicago
Prev. Research Scientist @ Stellar

Advising Board

Yevgeniy Dodis

Head of Cryptography @ NYU

Ph.D. in Cryptography @ MIT
Prev. Professor @ Harvard, Berkeley

Chelsea Komlo

Chief Scientist @ Zcash

Ph.D. in Cryptography @ UWaterloo
Board of Directors @ Tor Project

Zhenfei Zhang

Cryptographer @ Ethereum

Prev. Algorand, Espresso
Co-author of HyperPlonk, VeriZexe, etc.

Giuseppe Persiano

Cryptographer @ Google

Professor @ U. Salerno, Italy
Ph.D. in CS @ Harvard
Co-Inventor of Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proofs

David Wu

Professor of Cryptography @ UT Austin

Ph.D. in CS @ Stanford
M.S. and B.S. in CS @ Stanford

Helger Lipmaa

Professor of Cryptography @ U. Tartu

20+ years of publications in zkSNARKs

Daniel Vogel

CEO & Co-Founder @ Bitso

MBA @ Harvard
B.S. in CS & Econ @ Stanford

Gengmo Qi

Partner @ Dragonfly

Ph.D. in CS @ Cornell
Prev. Researcher @ Chainlink